Call for papers for International Conference Mapping the Spaces of Modernist Cities within the Context of CIAM’s Athens Charter (Nova Gorica, Slovenia, 11–13 March 2020)

Researchers in the fields of art and architectural history, architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture, history, sociology and geography are invited to participate in the conference organized within the research project Mapping the Urban Spaces of Slovenian Cities from the Historical Perspective: Modernism in Nova Gorica and its Contexts. The contributions should address the following topics:

  • The foundation and establishment of a functionalist town
  • The centres of new functionalist towns and the identity of a town
  • Monotony or diversity of modernist residential architecture
  • The forgotten and decaying industrial heritage
  • Religious architecture in new functionalist town
  • Monuments in the public space of functionalist towns
  • The mapping and visualization of a town space

Presentations should be delivered in English and not exceed 20 minutes. An e-book with conference proceedings will be published prior to the conference.
Deadline for submission of application with short CV (in English, 100 words max.) and abstract (in English, 300 words max.): 15th October 2019.
Deadline for submission of articles (in English, 5000 words max.): 30th January 2020.
Please send your proposals to:

See attachment for more information.