The building of the former District/Governing People’s Committee had a central role as early as in the first plans for a new city. Together with the unrealized buildings of the Communist Party’s Governing Committee, the City People’s Committee and the cultural centre it was supposed to form a cultural and administrative centre of the city…
Negovan Nemec, Monument to Alojz Gradnik, 1978, Erjavčeva ulica, Nova Gorica
In 1978, Klub starih goriških študentov [Former Students of Gorizia Club] commissioned Negovan Nemec (1947–1987), the first academically educated sculptor of the post-war generation in the Princely County of Gorizia and Gradisca, to make a bust of poet, translator and judge Dr. Alojz Gradnik (1882–1967), erected on the avenue of the great on Erjavčeva ulica…
Mirko Bratuša, Monument to Father Stanislav Škrabec, 2011, Nova Gorica
The monument to an important linguist, Father Stanislav Škrabec (1844-1918) on the avenue of the great on Erjavčeva ulica in Nova Gorica was unveiled on 8 January 2011 at the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Franciscans in the monastery in Kostanjevica near Nova Gorica. The work of sculptor Mirko Bratuša (born in 1963)…

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